A Year of Pies: A Seasonal Tour of Home Baked Pies

 A Year of Pies: A Seasonal Tour of Home Baked Pies
By Ashley English
2012 Lark Crafts, 176 pp, $19.95
AYearofPies Be warned, every page of Ashley English’s A Year of Pies makes your mouth water! English celebrates homemade pies in grand fashion by wandering through a seasonal selection of sweet and savory recipes that provide both comfort and surprise. From traditional recipes like Lattice-Top Triple Berry Pie and Chicken Pot Pie, to Cranberry Mince Tarts and Brandy and Spice Apple Hand Pies, the variety in this book is amazing.

Mushroom and Cheve Galette, Nectarine and Lavender Crostata, Buttered Rum Shoofly Pie, Asparagus and Dill Quiche, and Blackberry Sonker (sonker being North Carolinian for cobbler), are but a few of the delicious offerings. The recipe for Galumpkis Pie is a version of traditional Polish stuffed cabbage rolls. Instead of wrapping the filling in cabbage leaves, the boiled cabbage leaves are layered between the savory meat, rice, herb, and tomato filling, all of which is cradled in a flaky pastry crust. With only six ingredients: milk, eggs, honey, vanilla extract, sea salt, nutmeg and baked in a flaky crust, Honey Pie will add a sweet delight to any meal.

English provides a detailed explanation of pie-making tools, ingredient selection, and careful instruction in the art of making the perfect crust. This colorful cookbook will be welcomed by both beginner and experienced cook. So go ahead, put on your apron and prop this cookbook up on the kitchen counter. It’s just waiting to get a little flour on its pages.